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sun.king's filter capacitor started shipment in hvdc changji converter station project -星空体育app下载官网

wuxi sun.king power capacitor co., ltd. — a subsidiary of the sun.king group , had won the bid of "changji-guquan" ±1100kv hvdc project. on jun. 26, 2017, the filter capacitor of changji converter station project of “±1100kv changji to guquan hvdc transmission project” started shipment officially.

on may 19, 2017, the supervisory launch meeting of "changji-guquan" ±1100kv hvdc project changji converter station was held successfully in wuxi sun.king. only after a month , on jun. 26, changji converter station filter capacitor started shipment officially.

project background:

“changji to guquan” hvdc transmission project is the first ±1100kv hvdc project in the world, which has the world's highest voltage level, the largest transmission capacity, the longest transmission distance, and the highest dc transmission and transformation technical level. it is the new peak of innovation and development of hvdc transmission technology, which has great demonstration significance to the development of hvdc power grid and global energy interconnection .

it starts at changji converter station in the xinjiang uygur autonomous region and ends at guquan converter station in anhui province. it goes through six provinces: the xinjiang uygur autonomous region, gansu province, the ningxia hui autonomous region, shaanxi province, henan province and anhui province. the total length of the route is about 3304.7 km, and the transportation capacity is 12 000 mw.