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sun.king’s traction rectifier device for rail transit was successfully applied in the demonstration -星空体育app下载官网

on june 6, 2018, jiujiang sun.king technology co., ltd., a subsidiary of sun.king power electronics group, independently developed a new product "new type of rail transit traction rectifier (product type: zqa-1533a/750v)". after 3 months of experimental operation in the "china (henan province) free trade area sky railway demonstration line project", it’s performance indicators were excellent, and it had successfully passed the project acceptance.


"new type of rail transit traction rectifier" is the first rail transportation product of sun.king, which is independently developed by jiujiang sun.king according to the characteristics and design requirements of the sky railway project, based on the rectifier technology accumulation and r&d ability of jiujiang sun.king. the successful application of this product indicates that jiujiang sun.king has mastered the design and production technology of rectifier device in the field of rail transit, and has already possessed practical achievements, thus to take the preemptive opportunities in the "sky railway" market.

with the rapid growth of investment scale and number of projects in china's urban rail transit sector, the market demand for electrical equipment such as rectifiers increases rapidly . in addition, emerging technologies represented by “sky railway” and “cloud track” are becoming new impetus for the development of the rail transit market.

won the first battle, jiujiang sun.king will continue to develop the rail transport business, seize the rapid development opportunities of the "sky railway" market, and strive to expand subway, urban rail and other sectors of business.


project introduction: china (henan province) free trade area sky railway demonstration line project of beijing zhongjian sky train group co., ltd.

this project was completed in november 2017, with a total length of about 1000 meters. there are two carriages, each carriage can carry 80 ~ 100 people. it has low noise and good stability in running, with a speed up to 80 km/h.

sky railway, namely the sky rail train system, is a kind of rail transit mode with advanced design concept and mature technology after subway and light rail system. it is the most advanced modern tram. especially suitable for large theme park sightseeing, urban rail transit and other application markets.

at present, there are several successful cases of sky rail train systems (or "hanging monorail railway") in germany and japan, such as wuppertal in germany, dusseldorf in germany, chiba in japan.


advantages of sky railway system:

1.     safety

2.     low carbon emission, energy saving, environmental protection

3.     low cost and low investment

4.     short construction period, integration