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astrol becomes a qualified supplier of siemens -星空体育app下载官网

recently, astrol electronic ag (“astrol”), a subsidiary of sun.king technology group limited (“sun.king technology” or the “company”, together with its subsidiaries collectively known as the “group”; stock code:, has officially become the qualified supplier of siemens digital industries in the shipping field.


siemensdigital industries, headquartered in germany, is one of the three major business operating companies of siemens group and an international technology innovation leader in the field of industrial digitalization and automation.


since the beginning of 2020, astrol solid-state dc switch has won the recognition of siemens digital industrials with its excellent performance resulted from in-depth technical discussion, repeated testing and verification. astrol has become a qualified supplier in the field of shipping and conducts business cooperation globally. through the collaboration of the two companies, siemens will provide customers with a complete marine dc power system solution, thus effectively improving ships' energy efficiency and significantly reducing fuel consumption.


astrol solid-state dc switch technology has received a lot of attention in the shipping field since it was certified by det norske veritas in october 2019, and later received its first ship order in march 2020. the cooperation with siemens in the shipping field marks another milestone in astrol’s journey to become a global leader in solid-state switches.


astrol solid-state switch technology, a leading international cutting-edge technology, adopts the most advanced igbt device as the core which consist a “microsecond” switching speed, digital intelligent control, modular compact structure and many other advantages. it has made outstanding achievements in many high-end applications, such as the large hardron collider upgrading at cern, the smart grid technology demonstration project in the uk, the high voltage laboratory at eth in zurich and china’s high-speed maglev train, etc.


with in-depth cooperation with siemens, astrol will meanwhile continue to communicate and collaborate with downstream customers in the shipping field and other fields. astrol strives to improve the efficiency and safety of electric power systems and accelerate intellectualization and digitization.