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asian carps annoy great lakes and sun.king “futuristic technology” makes things right -星空体育app下载官网



asian carps annoy great lakes

the great lakes refer to five large freshwater lakes located at the borders between the united  states and canada. they represent 95% of the fresh water resources of the united states, and also play an important role in the economic prosperity of both the united states and canada. in the 1970s, the u.s. government introduced eight kinds of fish species from southeast asia, including carp, grass carp, silver carp and bighead carp, collectively known as "asian carps", in order to contain the rampant algae and microbes in the mississippi  river. 

however, what happened next was beyond the imagination of americans:

on the one hand, asian carps have unbelievably large appetite and feed on a wide range of food. an adult asian carp may eat 5kg of food per day, and these carps have eaten up the algae and microbes in the river, but also have encroached on the food chain of local fish, or even begin to threaten the local fish.

on the other hand, asian carps breed rapidly. a female fish could lay 3 million eggs a year, and the survival rate is very high. fish population grows at an impressive rate because no natural enemy harms them.

the population of asian carps is increasingly growing. when the mississippi river was hit by a massive flood, the asian carps escaped from the controlled waters and entered natural streams. then, they begin to successively conquered the tributaries of the mississippi  river basin and occupy living space.


various measures to control carps fail in the u.s.

the americans were at their wits' end in tackling asian carps. asian carp are so smart that they can escape from fishing nets, and even “jump” over the blocking dam, not only adapting to the habitat of other creatures.


the ecological problems brought by asian carps have even been put on the table of the officials of white house. the white house also held a special "asian carp summit" to discuss the methods for preventing and controlling them. the government of michigan state, the direct victim to asian carps, offered a reward of 700 thousand dollars in 2017 to anyone in the world who is ultimately able to control the rampant asian carps in great lakes in the state. the strongly survivable asian carps have, to some extent, "won the glory for their place of origin".

illinois state tried to drop lot of "fish killing drugs" into the river near lake michigan. however, after a period of time, it was found that only one asian carp shorter than 60 cm was poisoned, together with other native american species.

some americans even organized a campaign called "extreme sky shooting". participants were given bows and arrows to shoot asian carps in speedboats. of course, almost nothing was gained except for fun.


sun.king pulse power supply, “futuristic technology” for blocking carps


the asian carp problem, which has been plagued the american people for a long time, could come to an end with the birth of an innovative technical solution - electric fish barrier.

the principle of electric fish barrier is as follows: electrodes are installed at the bottom of the river, and the pulsed electric field is generated in the water body through the electrodes. the pulsed electric field will make the fish feel "very uncomfortable", thus "dissuading" the fish to return. it works as a barrier to block the way ahead of fish. in addition, by effectively controlling the stray voltage, boats or ships will not be prevented like fish.


with the world-class technology research and development strengths,sun.king’s astrol team has developed and customized the pulse power supply products for electric fish barriers in the united states, which can satisfy the requirements for technical performance and application environment to the greatest extent. noticing the proven performance of sun.king technologies in the testing items, the u.s. government placed another order of 3 packages of units, which are expected to installed and put into operation in september 2020.

sun.king pulse power supply technology, cored by igbt, is a high-performance, intelligent and innovative technology and also the key to generation of pulsed electric field by electric fish barrier. moreover, sun.king pulse power supply technology has made many outstanding achievements in “high-end” fields such as controllable nuclear fusion, pulse fragmentation, and flue gas environmental protection. it is, as a matter of fact, a "futuristic technology".