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wuhan landpower co., ltd

wuhan landpower  co., ltd is a high-tech enterprise specialized in electric equipment online monitoring, electrified monitoring and equipment diagnosis services. it went through a restructuring process and became a subsidiary to sun.king power electronics group in may 2011.

the company is located in wuhan donghu high-tech development zone, one of the national independent innovation demonstrative areas and occupies a research and production base with an area of nearly 2000 ㎡. the company has won a number of national patents and is now a certified national high-tech enterprise, while being certified by iso9001, environment management system, and occupational health management system. the ifom power transmission and distribution equipment expert diagnosis system has won the support of the hubei provincial innovation fund.

the company focuses on development and manufacturing of high-tech products for online monitoring and diagnosis of smart grid power conversion and distribution equipment. our products play a significant role in reducing power grid fixed assets investment and power grid operation cost, enhancing power supply reliability and operation management. online monitoring technology is an important implement for maintenance and overhaul, and is strongly recommended and promoted by china state grid, while maintenance and overhaul of power distribution and conversion is one of the critical components of the smart grid concept put forward by state grid.

since it was established, the company aims to build a high-tech enterprise with focus on self-innovation and a talented team. with our people-oriented talent-building strategy and our standardized management, we have built a team of high-level professionals. we have been working with a number of renowned scientific research institutes to cultivate masters, doctors and post-doctoral candidates of related disciplines, and established a strong human resources network and platform, to lay a solid talent foundation for the company’s healthy and sustainable development.

langde electrics will continue to contribute to the development of smart grid in china by globally leading online monitoring technologies, nationally advanced expert diagnosis system as well as professional on-spot detection services to help customers by providing decision-making evidence of status maintenance and overhaul.

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