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reactor interturn insulation testing car

reactor interturn insulation testing car

the mobile testing car is required to complete the interturn insulation test of dry hollow reactor with systematic、humanized design, safety, maneuverability, speed, and efficiency.
the electric testing car is refitted from iveco professional testing vehicle. the modified car meets the requirements of vehicle announcement catalogue: using turbine engine can save more energy and protect environment; the car body is more advanced; with reduced energy consumption, the load is heavier and the speed is faster.

product features

  • the density of high frequency pulse energy is high, the applied voltage duration is long, the frequency is multiple. after the reactor interturn short circuit, the change of inductance is large, so it is easier to judge the insulation fault of reactor interturn effectively. 

  • the typical wavefront time of interturn overvoltage test voltage wave should be much shorter than that of standard lightning shock test: 1.2 microsecond (0.2 microsecond for our products) 

  • using proprietary controllable discharge technology, ensure a same voltage amplitude applied to reactor for each discharge, one discharge per power frequency cycle, 3000 times per minute. 

  • product diversification: field type, factory type, vehicle type 


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