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filter capacitors

filter capacitors

reducing the harmonic content in the network
improve the power factor

1) type number clarification



means: ac filter capacitor: benzyl toluene; all film dielectric; 7.2 kv rated voltage; 300 kvar rated capacity; single phase; for outdoor use

2) type number clarification of dc

filter capacitor

d-dc filter capacitor

a-impregnant: benzyl toluene

m-dielectric: polypropylene film

rated voltage (kv)

rated capacitance (μf)

1-single phase


example: dam 10.45-36-1w

means: dc filter capacitor; benzyl toluene; all film dielectric; 10.45 kv rated voltage; 36 kvar rated capacitance; single phase; for outdoor use

3) standard

gb/t 20993-2007

4) dimensions

filter capacitors are similar to shunt capacitors in terms of rated capacity and rated voltage. for dimensions please refer to shunt capacitors.